by Kahbra

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PJD More great heavy rock from Sweden... wait, no, make that Brazil. Impressive polished sound for a debut. Favorite track: What I Lost.
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Kahbra's first EP, enjoy!


released March 13, 2015

Jonas Araújo - Bass and Vocals
Julio Latorraca - Guitar
Igor Fabbri - Guitar
Denys Melo - Drums

Recording, mixing and mastering by Igor Fabbri
Cover art by Denys Melo



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Kahbra Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Listen to what thou wilt! Inspired in the sound aesthetics of the 70's and the power of Heavy Rock, Kahbra has a heavy rhythm section harmonized with good melodies in its music since 2013, building a strong fan-friends-base wherever they go. The band released their first EP in 2015 and promises their full length to the next year, consolidating their Goat Rock sound! ... more

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Track Name: Drown

In whisky bottles I drown my memories away
I can no longer remember yesterday
On this road I travel alone
Please don't mind if I leave you behind

So many cities so, many places to go
Just this life to live my world will never fall

My head is aching my hands are shaking
I'm sweating booze, honey, I'm dry and cold
Just this life to live
I got nothing left to lose

Love, lies and beer that's the way it's got to be

One life to live
Nothing left to lose
My world will never fall
Hell is gonna break loose

The past is far behind
I'm not afraid to die
There's no more wasting time
And slowly I'm drowning
Track Name: Rattlesnakes

Look into my eyes
Snakes are near and ready to bite
Look to the sky
The hand of god will crush your life
Look down below
Satan's smiling at you

Say your prayers, it's no use
You're gonna meet the face of doom

No place to go, nowhere to hide
Their words are poison in your veins
Useless to wait for the turn of the tide
Their words are poison in your goddamn veins
Rattlesnakes spit poison in your brain

Look into my eyes
I know you're losing your mind
Look to the sky
While they preach they waste your life
Look down below
Rattlesnakes with fangs so sharp

Here they come, here they are
Deceivers and their book of lies
Track Name: Giant's Dream
Giant's Dream

Once upon a time in the land of carnival
One million pigs were spreading dirt all around
While the bearded lady in red was shooting blue birds
For the kingdom's crown

And all that buzz awoke the giant
Witches fell apart leaving peasants to wonder
Why they were allowed to watch
Only soccer and soap operas... SUCKERS!

Then a hipster revolution took over the streets
Twisted ideals of false liberty
As the drunk fingerless dwarf is crying for his cows
The giant distills havoc from town to town

Right is left, and left is right
Millions of motherfuckers fighting side by side
But we'll be dancing under the moonlight
In the masked ball downtown... Let's go now! GET DOWN!

Rubber balls are flying,
But mine are made of steel
And we'll live happily ever after
Till tear gas tears us apart

Now the giant sleeps again
And the Pope bless their sins, Amen
Track Name: What I Lost
What I Lost

Blackened skies - The only horizon that comes in sight
Black and white - These are the colors that paint my life

People talk about new beginnings
They think I can start again
But one more time for me means
Everything going down the drain... all over again!

You don't know What I Lost
No one knows What I Lost

Love is gone - Hate is all that I can see
Hope is done - There's no happy endings for me

People say that when you fall
The only way is up
What about when the ground cracks down
And you fall one more time... it's the end of the line!

You don't know What I Lost
No one knows What I Lost

Let these tears fall to clean my soul
All these thoughts are floating around in smoke
Trying to find a way out of this self-made hole

Buried in a sea of empty bottles
Just cannot seem to manage all this sorrow
And what I lost, I'll never have again

You don't know What I Lost
No one knows What I Lost